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Whatsoever be the occasion is… if it’s casual, there is tea; even at serious times, Asian people specially belonging to China need tea. There is famous saying that “the Chinese world would almost not function if tea is taken away from it”. Tea is so embedded in Chinese culture that it is impossible to separate tea from Chinese culture.

Tea is the national drink of China. And Chinese people undoubtedly are the best in interpreting the quality of tea. At 1800-shop, we are here to promote the grandness of tea from the culture of Chinese people, for those who are willing to buy their favorite beverage online, by:

• Offering a wide range of Asian and Chinese tea at our online grocery store.
• Providing genuine products and brands – similar to that you find in your mom’s kitchen.
• Operating with local suppliers to make sure that you are provided with the finest and freshest produce available with us.
• Ensuring value for your money.

!800-shop is an online tea store devoted in providing you with the finest and highly applauded Chinese tea online. Chinese tea is not only delicious in taste but is also very healthy beverage to drink. Our online Asian grocery store offers you a larger variety of Chinese tea from instant to decaffeinated, to organic. Drink them hot or cold, all round the year. With such a wide options to choose from, tea lovers take pleasure in something new and refreshing.

Our teas are sure fresh as we dispatch them directly to you from China. This kind f direct association with genuine Chinese tea suppliers is what makes 1800-shop special. For us, customer satisfaction is number one priority. Try our Chinese tea and Drink healthy!!!

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